Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my family

All people have family include i. I feel family is great place for everyone.  For me, family include in my life, what ever I do. For my family is feel like heaven because all family discuss went have a problem. Another  than that, my family can know if I have a something to share.  I love them so much, because I only have a family and when they not have in the earth I can be lonely person. I love them so much too because they place for me to tell about my feeling sad or happy. I so happy went them happy. I will sad went we sad. So I would to tell about my family and all about their.

   Firstly I want tell about my father and mother. My father name is Mohd Ghani bin darahman. Age is 52 years ago, born in kg banggol kemian, 17000 pasir  mas, Kelantan. My  father job is peasant. My father have lot hobby, such as tend a garden, catch fish, play badminton, cooking and make something new like a ingredients cooking. My mother name is Rosmawati   binti Mat, age is 45 age years old. Born in kampung  kubang  batang. My mother not job and only focus to children. My mother have hobby too, like cooking, make ingredient cake new, shopping, play with baby, cleaning and many thing mother like doing. My character father and mother is lovely person, honesty ,responsible, respect opion their children and characteristic my father is tall, have big eye, little big body,cute nose,and have dark face. Other than that, characteristic my mother is little short,white face, big eye, and cute face.
        I have five siblings, my first sister name is Nurshuhada  Binti Mohd Ghani, age 24 years old. My second sister name is Nor Shafira Binti Mohd Ghani age,22 years old. I have two little brother after  I, name is Mohd Supian  bin Mohd Ghani  age 16 years old and lastly Mohd Sahir bin Mohd Ghani age 13 years old. My all sibling still study, i am third in my family but I so happy because last girl.
I very love them because caring person. Especialy  my father and mother. For example they take care about what i eat. When I eat something just like asam mango  they not allowed because scary f I get sick another day. In asam mango have a something not got for over body. Second exam is they want know who and how my friend because scary if I friend with friend false. My family always influence what i want doing. Them always beside i what decision i do. If i will give another family in not will agree. Because i can not found it in another family.
However that new family have more money and rich,that all not important for i because happyness cannot buy with money and what ever. I very luck because born in thos family because outside many people not have family and get family like i. My hope is i can change my life family especialy my father and mother because without them i not life today because many thing happen to me but they stiil beside me.i hope can bring them to mecca for hajj because that they dream. Another than that, i will reply their sacrifices with my successful live because wat ever they doing is want i success in life always remember i, to do not forget the god. I very love my family.

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