Thursday, April 14, 2011

My jeourney at University Sultan Zainal Abidin semester 2

My jeourney at University Sultan Zainal Abidin semester 2

All people have many thing in our live, so I have too in my live. Hovewer many thing I have doing to through that problem. Firstly went I get the offer is o excited because many people out want study here but can’t get like me, I get the offer. I think life in university so easy but not like that because we must face to many thing and we will weak if not have strong. First of all I want  tell how many thing I learn in unisza.

  I learn how to be better from before just like if we fall we must strong and trough the problem because if we not strong I will lose in my live. I so very excited because this semester I  go to many place, just like Johor, Bukit Lawit, Merang, Ter and so on….. that memory I will not forget gor rest of my life.

Another than that, I have a mentor, she so kind for her mentee. I so proud because get the mentor just like that. She know how to call we all to see her went we all have a problem or anything.

Furthermore she so young and not married yet so I hope she can quick get a parther for she life.
If I want to tell about my jeourney at unisza so many, so I will tell little and little because this is second semester for me and I get many new thing. I hope in third semester I will get more advantage and learn many thing for my life and easy for me in out there in another time.


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