Thursday, April 14, 2011

My memory first time I learn motorcycle my first time i learn ride motorcycle

By the time I learnt to ride  a motorcycle , my friends were all riding motorcycles like Grang Prix Participants.
I start off by learning how to sit on a stationary motorcycle. I would hold the handle, close my eyes and imagine myself maneuvering the motorcycle through traffic jams. So engrossed was I, that once the motorcycle fell against my cousin car.
Fortunately I did not end up beneath the motorcycle. I vowed never to go near the motorcycle again. “it’s alright,” my mum said. “I ‘ii teach you how to ride a motorcycle. “ Before this incident, none of them knew of my imaginary rides on the motorcycle. The following evening, the lessons started: starting the engine, changing gear, balancing the motorcycle. No matter how many time I tried, I just could not start the engine. My sister had to do it fir me, not only on first day but also an subsequent days. My co-ondination was poor that either the motorcycle gave a leap when I was sweating from my exiety that the motorcycle would fall on its side again.
 I insisted that my mother sat on the motorcycle, behind me. Sha refused . I   was so scared that the motorcycle would move off and go out of control. My sister was very supportive. She pulled the motorcycle back, so  that I would not go too fast. Litelly  the whole neighourhood was there watching my attempts a learning to the motorcycle.
After that I fell so happy because, finally I can bring the motorcycle self. So great was the sense of achievement that I just refused to stop. From then on, it was just the perfecting of skills. The major obstacles had been conquered.

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